Desktop Application Development

EMERALD TECHNO LTD's desktop application development services provide businesses the desktop application that can run offline and free of search engine. Our desktop applications help businesses meet their particular necessities and deliver a competitive advantage in the developing market. As different businesses have detailed distinctive requirements, our custom-developed desktop applications help businesses to fulfill these requirements and achieve success.

Mobile Application Development

EMERALD TECHNO LTD's Mobile application are developed and designed with a simple idea in mind - Our user-centered methodology to mobile app development means we develop clearer and approachable ways for people to familiarize with technology. We consider that information, in the correct hands, has the influence to change. We concentrate in custom-made mobile app development that puts the consumer first and brings life-enhancing digital experiences.

Creative: Website Design

Your website is the reflection of your business's reputation and personality. At EMERALD TECHNO LTD, we design and develop websites of all different types and sizes according to customer’s requirements, by combining the features of different types of web layouts for best possible output. We can help your business connect with your customers and capture the attention of your potential customers by designing and developing a very professional, clean and simple website for your business.

Database Application Development

Database-driven solutions are the only way to efficiently manage business. A well-built database design allows smooth handling, easy access to your data and can assist a variety of programs and reporting engines. EMERALD TECHNO LTD database experts can evaluate your business needs and work with you to design and implement database solutions that will enhance the performance of your business.

E-Commerce Application Development

E-commerce has become a phenomenon, a real development engine and widely implemented business platform. As E-commerce has advanced, so has the need for custom development solutions to its requirements. Every business wants its store to be at the top of the competition by providing the best possible online experiences and services to their customers. . To fulfil this desired target of your business, we will plan, design and develop a unique, engaging, functional, simple and trustworthy e-commerce site.

Web Application Development

EMERALD TECHNO LTD's web application developers have a rich experience web application development and are highly proficient in developing well-organized custom solution for companies across diverse business areas, regardless of their size.

Creative: Brand Development

Your brand is a reflection of your business's commitment, reputation and personality - At EMERALD TECHNO LTD, we will help you construct an outstanding brand using exploratory and theoretical thinking, emerging and unique graphical communications, and creativity.

Software Testing

We deliver our clients with the essential information about the functional structures and features for their software or product that will be used for their specific operation needs. Our practice of thorough progressive testing techniques ensure software optimum performance. We maintain and pay attention to each and every details of the whole test cycle for our clients to improve technical and business software appraisal, quality and reporting.

Search Engine Optimization

EMERALD TECHNO LTD experts will help your business by increasing your visibility in Google search results and give you a Web Presence! We will assist you to let your business be at the top of the searches in Google, Bing and etc., for even the most competitive keywords.

Custom Enterprise System Solutions

Delivering business value for clients requires commitment to a real understanding of client needs, of business problems to be solved and of the processes that are impacted. Ivory consultants use this understanding as the starting point for a disciplined, methodical approach to creating new applications and seamlessly integrating them with existing systems and workflows. Once the business objectives are thoroughly defined, Ivory’s technology agnostic approach allows it to combine the best of new technologies with the client’s legacy environment, to create solutions that work, are cost effective, fully integrated, and readily adaptable in the future.



Developments in information technology, growth of the Internet and e-business as well as ever-increasing worldwide competition have made running a successful business more challenging than ever before. At this time, a popular approach to the development of an integrated enterprise-wide system is the execution of an enterprise resource planning system At Emerald Techno Limited, we can develop a custom built ERP solutions which can empower your enterprise to gain maximum benefits of technology and ensure that your ERP usage is as smooth as possible. “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those departments’ particular needs. ERP allows a company to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, including product planning, purchasing, production control, and inventory control, interaction with suppliers and customer, delivery of customer service and keeping track of orders, to share common data and practices across the entire enterprise, and to produce and access information in a real-time environment.

ERP Photo.

Our custom made ERP solution allows total access to every important process in your business by constructing data from every division and subdivision easily reachable to you and your senior management. Our custom ERP solution gives you a bird’s eye view of every aspect of business processes and help you to run your enterprise in accordance with your strategy. Moreover, our solution will give you a deeper level of insight into your business operations, as well as identify problem areas that need improvement. In addition you will also benefit from reduced operating costs, increased productivity, better inventory management accuracy rate, better customer management, greater control of your business, reduced paper work due to prompt and improved decision making across different functions at a click of a button.


Customer Relationshop Management

CRM is not just solution or automation of business processes. It is actually a culture: a way of thinking within an organization that is concentrated on the establishment of top class customer service through intelligent communications and a complete, person-centric view of your customers. At Emerald Techno Limited, we can support you maneuver and develop a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that can imitate your business processes exactly the way you visualize.

CRM Photo.

At Emerald Techno Limited, we will work with you to build custom CRM software that can fit your business model. By understanding your company's work flows, business models, practices, we will construct a system custom tailored to your terms. Our custom CRM development will provide calculable business benefits to your business. Key Benefits of our Customized CRM Solution Construct and build up better relationships with your clients Recognize and deliver value-added services to meet the requirements of your clients Improve your ability to identify and react to needs Increase staff responsiveness of client needs Resolve client matters more rapidly and competently Make better decisions through a single view of the client.


Supply Chain Management

customer orders, all reports of inventory levels etc. is managed by storing in centralized database. All that data can be made accessible with ensured data consistency across the supply chain network by all related sources like manufacturers, suppliers etc. At Emerald Techno Limited, we can help you develop a custom Supply Chain Management solution for superior visibility and possibility of your business processes, thus helping in effective data based decision making and dropping improbability. Now you can take well-versed decisions and enjoy peacetime.

scm Photo

Real time exchange of data across stakeholders resulting in timely decision making. Better demand forecasting and timely checks to cater demand-supply mismatch. Identifying demand variability and minimizing bull whip effects. Improved production planning by stocking right inventory levels thereby improving cash flows. Tracking inventory transits and managing timely deliveries. Reduced paperwork thus resulting in higher employee productivity and reduced manual errors and costs. Global supply chain management systems helps for real-time data exchange of information in-between related groups in scm network.