Our Projects

Some of our projects screenshots given below.

Project One

The project is all about Patient Management System and Prescription Engine. The software has designed to the very highest standard and will be able to manage the patient information effectively and Doctor can prescribe through this software easily.

We have used C#.net and Microsoft Sql Server 2012 technologies .These technologies will allow the user easily add content such as Patient information, prescription related information with a minimum of technical knowledge.

Key features that will be available User can add, delete and update the patient details to the software. Display the current date’s patient registration information in home pages. User can search the patient information by date. User can see all the patient’s information by navigating through pages. User can search the patient info by registration no or phone no or name. Client can add, delete and update the patient’s physical attribute to the software. Client can search the patient’s physical attribute information by date. Doctor can add delete and update the prescription of a patient through this software. Doctor can print the prescription of a patient. Doctor can search the patient’s prescription by date. Doctor can search the patient’s prescription by registration no or phone no or name. Doctor can view the prescription.

Project Two

The project is all about an Online Store. The website will be designed to the very highest standard and will reflect shop’s Product superiority and variety in this modern fashionable world. I will use Php and Mysql which will allow you to easily add content such as products, text and images to the website with a minimum of technical knowledge.

we used Php and Mysql which will allow you to easily add content website with a minimum of technical knowledge.

Key features that will be available Display the products according to the category Fully featured Product gallery with description and quoted price. Searching the products. Add the products to the shopping cart. Register the Client. Implement The Checkout Module. Add Category of the products. Add different type of the products. Add details of the products. Create, View, Update and Delete records from the devices. Send Emails and contact Managing Appointment and meetings with the customers.

School Management Software

The benefits of our School ERP Software applications development solution is automation of handling daily scheduled tasks that is done so far by hand from record keeping management, student management, human resource management, library management, sports management and report creation management to cash inflow and outflow management.

Emerald School Management Software


Emerald School Management Software is a solution designed to help user to easily manage various entities of your School like Staff, Teachers, Management, Accounts, Financial Department, Students, Parents, Inventory, Stationary and Library etc. User-friendly secured school software with complete automation of operations.

Emerald School Management comprises of the following modules and can be customized according to any requirements by the user.

School Photo.

Our School Management Software Solution is a package of school application software like school fees payment software, text message software student registering /admission management, attendance software etc. that are essential to manage operation of all types of schools. Our School Management Software is user friendly and comprises of all managerial requirements with comprehensive modules and appropriate for all types of educational institutes. This can lessen all-out manual workings of schools with 100% correctness. At Emerald Techno Limited, our skilled pool of team is always read to work for any changes or additions required to customize the modules by the school management according to its needs.

Our School management software is designed to handle educational and financial management of a school in a smoother way to retain the data for a stretched time. Our school management System is well designed to support in dealing student’s admission, to link with parents about student’s status, student attendance, examination, track record etc. One of the prime factor is that it adds all the departments of school by combining relevant information and providing to many users for quick retrieval of information, making the job more simplified and systematized.

Our school management software is planned to promote the system a school is managed

Benefits of using school management software

It is designed to help student, teachers, school management team and parents as well according to their responsibilities

    Benefits for management team
  • Prompt Availability of school’s report
  • Data is safe and easy to retrieve
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Centrally stored information and best possible resource optimization
  • Cost-effective one point solution for total school management

    Benefits for School Admin/Accounts
  • User friendly interface needing nominal knowledge and IT abilities
  • Integrated data source for easy data access
  • Complete fee management system
  • Computerized and rapid report generation
  • Payroll automated system
  • Automated Financial Records
  • Generalization of specialized accounting
  • Entire school records acquirement and safety

    Benefits to Teachers
  • Schooling communication is more concentrated
  • Improved schoolwork techniques
  • Automated student attendance
  • Calculative grading and graphical report cards Timetable creation in advance
  • Student performance management with effective communication with parents
  • Online assignments execution
  • Enhance E-mail system for communication and interaction with different groups including students, colleague, administration, management and parents

    Benefits to Students
  • Enriched communication with tutors
  • Easy and prompt access to attendance, schedule, results, ratings and examination timetable
  • Availability of information about school events and holidays