Payroll Software

Enter a total new world of superior payroll processing with Emerald Payroll Management System. It allows the business to process and track payroll. Employees can be easily set up along with all of the tax rates, deductions and additions that may be required to properly create payroll checks. The product is the early stage of development and has been designed with the help of internal expertise, experienced professionals of the industry and customers, ensuring a flawless technology fit for the payroll practice.

Emerald Payroll Management Software Solution has been designed with time/attendance management and leave management for flawless effective processing of payroll system.

Our payroll process acts in accordance with laws and tax requirements and simplifies the process of paying the employees.

For easy understanding and using our Payroll system, we have designed by grouping tasks into a sequences of development stages. These include prior-development works, information gathering, payroll processing, and payroll accounting with tax and filing. Steps in the information gathering stages include records collection procedures and practices for both fresh hires and existing employees.

Our payroll management software is the right choice, as it will allow the employer to process its payroll through a computer system eliminating handling time and improving accuracy. Options for distributing payroll include printing paychecks or directly depositing checks into an employee’s bank account

Our solution makes payroll processing simpler, and lessens miscalculations that are more probable with the manual system. The key benefits of Emerald Payroll Management Software are stated below:

Time-keeping Conveyance

The computerized time-keeping system allows the employer to import time clock records into payroll system. Either employees will swipe card or will print their fingers biometrically, to log in and log out. Once the records are conveyed into the payroll system, the software calculates the time worked.

Payment Calculation Generator

It computes gross-to-net earnings based on the records the payroll representative inputs. It performs all types of payments: hourly, overtime, double-time, salaries, commissions, bonuses, pay raises, retroactive pay, wage deductions, auto payments and tuition reimbursements.

Deduction Calculation Generator

Salary and wage deductions are a necessary part of payroll processing. A number of instructions are set for tax calculations. With our payroll management software, tax rates are hard-coded in the system. It determines the tax for each employee based on the deduction conditions information entered. This will reduce the probability of payroll tax miscalculations.

Record-keeping and Report Generator

Emerald Payroll management software generates and stores payroll and employment tax files. The Payroll report module helps a business manage one of its main expenses -- labor. Our payroll system will generate a multitude of reports for hourly and salaried workforces. Our system includes reporting templates so administrators can rapidly and effortlessly find out what their payroll expenditures are for any particular period, and can find out other significant specifics such as manpower inventory ( if added), leave balances and many more.

We can also deliver solutions for human resource management software and the modules of our custom human resource management software solution is divided into four areas of employee management that includes Personnel Management (manpower inventory planning, recruitment, selection, training and incentives), Leave Management (employee self-service and manager self-service). Time Management (details of work and time) and lastly Payroll Management.

Each and every business is unique. At Emerald Techno Limited, we will work with you to deliver the exact requirements needed for the business. We provide customized solutions to our valued customers by facilitating them to decide on from our comprehensive range of modules that suit their particular requirements.


Inventory Management Systems

Nowadays, the companies face high equipment and labor costs which could be considerably reduced by keeping correct inventory records and planning and still make their infrastructure investments in an efficient and cost effective manner. Reliable network transmission, automation, planning and inventory solutions are a necessity for today's huge networks. If you are currently not using an Inventory Management System, you are probably using the good old spreadsheets for managing your network and inventory.

What are Inventory Management Systems?

Inventory Management Systems, also known as “inventory management software” or “inventory control systems”, are computer-based systems for tracking inventory levels, locations, receipts, shipments and details. The objective is to make management of inventory more effective and efficient. These systems are crucial for any business that deals with physical products. The primary goal of a quality inventory management program is to assist a company in efficiently meeting supply and demand without excess either way.

The inventory management system includes the following module:

Inventory Module:

    This module menu gives you quick links to various aspects of Inventory Manager related to your product list, prices, and current inventory levels.
  • Reorder Stock.
  • Count Stock.
  • Transfer stock.
  • Adjust stock.
  • Add New Product.


    The Purchasing homepage gives you quick links to various aspects of this system manager related to placing purchase orders to your vendors, receiving.Shipments or vendor information:
  • Latest Order.
  • Receive Stock.
  • Pay order.
  • Add New Vendor.

Sales Module:

    The Sales module gives you quick links to various aspects of this system manager related to taking and processing customer orders or customer information.
  • Latest Quote.
  • New Order.
  • Process Orders.
  • Invoice Orders.
  • New Customer.

Inventory Management.